Active communities = Healthy communities

Lancaster currently ranks #9 in terms of healthiest counties in PA which is not bad but PA ranks #25 in the country.  Lancaster has certainly experienced growth in many ways in recent years.  The arts and culture communities have grown and become more diverse.  The downtown area continues to expand in terms of business and restaurant diversity.  More and more people are walking and commuting by bike.

Across the country, communities that are active, are healthy.  Here at Prana, one of our goals as a business located in the city, is to help Lancaster to become healthier.  Beginning in October, Prana will offer a monthly 1 hour class to promote healthy running.  To help show that Lancaster is becoming a more active community, we are going to help to encourage greater participation in the Red Rose Run through the completion of the course.  Many Lancasterians participate in local 5K’s throughout the year such as the Race Against Racism.  The Trick or Trot is another great local 5K which is held here in the city.  This year may be your year to go the extra mile (or two) and attempt to complete the Red Rose Run (5 miles).

For years, the Red Rose Run has been a symbol of running in Lancaster yet the number of participants is lacking.  This year, we would like to do what we can to help the number of participants to exceed 2,000.  One way to get on the right track is to attend our level one running class. Our class will provide you with knowledge and expert analysis of how to perform a varying array of core and full body exercises to improve running performance and injury prevention.  As with any Prana event, our class can give you the tools to improve not only your biomechanical advantage but also educate you on how posture can affect performance.

Class will focus on 3 key principles:

  • 1. Range of motion – Ensuring that you we enough mobility to get our legs behind us
  • 2. Excellent core control – Training core stability to allow energy transfer between upper and lower body
  • 3. Strength and power – Developing neuromuscular control from the glutes to drive the body up and forward

Class details:

Who: Interested runners aged 9 to 90

First class: Oct. 22nd from 7-8pm

Cost: $10 per person to benefit GoBeyond, a faith-based initiative to encourage, organize and mobilize people to better our community through acts of service.

To RSVP call 717-390-4822 or email



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